Wednesday, February 11, 2009

February 11, 2009

Hey folks!  I just wanted to give you all a heads-up about another project of mine, a game for iPhone and iPod Touch called Scribattle. All the graphics are hand-drawn in a somewhat cartoonish style, and in fact one of the main "bad guys" is based on a mutated version of a well-known set of character heads from a comic strip (hint: it's a strip I've never covered, and it's about a family, and it's formatted in a circle), so I've got a bit of a shout-out to the comics world in the game as well. You can see more info including screenshots and a video here, or you can go straight to the App Store to get yourself a copy.

As a special bonus for Comics in my Pants readers, the first five of you who send me an email with the magic keyword PANTS will get a promo code to download the game for free! How about that?  You'll find my email address on my blog at  (Note:  free promo code only available for U.S. iTunes users)

Now then, on to the comics in my pants:


xy said...

that baby one is a little bit out of line, but it made me laugh anyway so i'll let it slide.

cnick said...

Thought you might want to see this:

I smell lawsuit!

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